What is e-hospital?  its roll in Digitization of hospitals

What is e-hospital? its roll in Digitization of hospitals

What is e-hospital? Its Role in Hospitals helped by government… In this modern world which has seen a drastic change in the modern era, modern world enhances in all the sectors, either it is a banks, mobile, internet, shopping and so on. Everybody wants to reduce the time which we spent on through manual and choose to do things using advanced technology. In it electronically designed is e-hospital, it is introduced by the government of India, to introduce the use of technology to empower person in areas related to health.
What is e-hospital?
e-hospital is a Process which we do it through online registration services framework portal. People can book appointment, pay fees, view reports and check is blood available in blood bank. It is Digital India program introduced by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Digital India Week..
We can book appointment for (OPD), report.It has help individual to do things in a summarised way..
In September 2016, 46 hospitals launched to cover 478 different departments and they provide services .
How does e-hospital work?
It works on Online Registration . ORS is a portal anybody who have AADHAR can Apply for appointments in hospitals in any part of India.
ORS is Strictly applied in hospitals where the outpatient department registration and appointment based system through Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) has been planned ..
How to Book an Appointment using e-hospital Portal?
This helps in booking appointments through internet 24/7
Who can book an appointment

What is e-hospital?• By using kvc data of Aadhaar number,only if the patient’s mobile number is registered through (UIDAI).
If the mobile number of the patient is not showing in AADHAR,he can uses patient’s name.
•New patient who is enroll for the first time in the portal will get a Unique Health Identification number.
• In case if the Aadhaar is linked with UHID number, then a new appointment number will be provided so that they can avail the service
How to apply appointment : It helps hospitals to look for the registration, appointment process .
Requirements for Online Appointment.
• The new patients require Sashay number with their registered mobile numbers to get online appointments using e-hospital. Than the Hospital get all the detail of patient using e-KYC data from aadhar.
Steps For Securing Appointment..
1. Verify your identity by using Mobile Number
2. Choose Hospital
3. Select the date of appointment
4. Verify yourself
5. Get confirmation code through sms

What is e-hospital?

Appointment Process for a New Patient
• anyone can visit portal http://ors.gov.in/copp/appointment.jsp
• If Aadhaar number of the patient and mobile number is registered with UIDAI, then OTP will be send..
• If the patient’s mobile number is not registered with UIDAI, then the patient’s name as per the Aadhaar card has to be given along with other details like address etc..
• If any persons does not have aadhar card than they can book the appointment through their other details like voter id card etc.

What is e-hospital?

What is e-hospital?

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